Conference 2012 Programme

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Room 1
Room 2
Room 3/Main Room
11:00 - 12:30 Where the Wild Animals are. Switching: the(dis)advantages of having it all Unbeatable introductory offer! Spin ideas and upgrade your play network (speedmating/games)
toyboy & devfantasy Mark and Reneé Frl. Rottenmeier
1:30 - 3:00 Flogging with Emotion: Beyond Technique

A Broad Church: BDSM and Religion

We Need to Talk About Cock
Hockney Lizzy Dripping Maia and Elliott
3:30 - 5:00      
Artistic Cutting Non Monogammy: A personal perspective Ageing in SM and in SM Communities
Phoenix Kate and Emma Eva Eöri

Please not the programme is subject to change.

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Where the Wild Animals are...
Fantasizing about being fed, petted and trained? Or dreaming of parading and grooming a pet?
This workshop about animal roleplay as a form of voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status provides a short theoretical overview on pet play including safety precautions. After that we will employ a creative approach for participants either to explore the pet they want to be or to imagine owning a pet. If people want to take things further, we can also arrange time for an encounter of owners and pets.
Max. 16 participants.

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Switching: the (dis)advantages of having it all
In this workshop we would like to talk about the many aspects of switching. For instance: When you switch you know how it feels when you ass hurts like hell while you still crave for more, but you also know how it feels to have to decide when it's enough… You can benefit from this experience, but it can also be a burden… Another example: when you switch you have to decide every time which role you're going to play. Does it depend on your mood? Or on which play partner is available? In some cases you might have to play the role that's not your favourite. What can help to get in the right mood? What if you play one role today and tomorrow the opposite role? How do you prevent ‘bleed', to make sure that play doesn't influence this one? Other topics around switching can also be discussed. This workshop will be helpful for attendees who are switching or are thinking about it. Together we can try to sort out how we can benefit from switching and how to handle problems around it

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Unbeatable introductory offer! Spin ideas and upgrade your play network
(speedmating/introductory games)
Flogging with Emotion: Beyond Technique
Do you want to try something new for a change? Looking for a party rendezvous? Need play mates for a group scene during the conference? Too shy-shy? This can be fixed: Frl. Rottenmeier, known for all sorts of S/M gaiety ;-) invites you to explore and interrogate. The exact way in which this is going to happen will be defined at short notice – curiousness is a virtue ;-). All in all, the event will last for about one hour, fun included. NB: As our playground is limited in size, it’s first come, first play (or serve, if you're into it :-)) The good news: There are two (different) sessions, so everyone’s ice has a chance to break … or melt.

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Flogging with Emotion: Beyond Technique
So you already know how to aim a flogger, perhaps you can do figures of eight or even some Florentine flogging but are these skills the end of the story? Flogging can be an emotional experience for both the person doing the flogging and the person receiving it but how can we manipulate our floggers to create different types of emotional experiences? How do we flog sensually? Give a punishment? Tease? What's the role of the bottom? This workshop is about how we can create different atmospheres in a scene through the use of floggers. It will be demonstrated how using different types of floggers and techniques can result in different play outcomes.
This workshop is aimed at participants, both tops and bottoms, who have some flogging experience. It is NOT a ‘how to flog' workshop for beginners. It will involve a facilitated discussion and demonstration. Hockney is a passionate flogger and you might see her dancing and flogging at the same time if the music is right!

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A Broad Church: BDSM and Religion
“I have a mind to play nuns and novices, my pretty, so don't forget your wimple!” runs the line from Blackadder's Bishop of Bath and Wells – but how much do we really play with religion? This will be a facilitated discussion surrounding the possibilities and pitfalls of religious play. The discussion will begin with some examples of religion and BDSM in history and literature and then move on to more contemporary concerns. Should we play with religion, or is it inherently disrespectful? What is it that makes a religious scene sexy or edgy? How carefully does such a scene need to be negotiated? Can you play with religions that are not your own or of your heritage? Is there a crossover between playing with religion and playing with race, and should religion be treated with just as much care? All this and more...

Religion and sex are linked to the extent that it's almost a cliché, but we rarely seem to play with it. This workshop should provide a background to the history of religion and kink, and provide a practical discussion for those who play with religion or want to try it. Because of the subject matter some people will find this very edgy and some will find it very mainstream, depending on their own background, and the discussion will be tailored to fit the audience, hopefully providing something for everyone

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We Need to Talk About Cock
When you bring a group of dykes, genderqueer and transmasculine kinksters together, the diversity of how we experience and use our cocks is amazing.  We invite you to come and explore the ins and outs (pun intended) of this fascinating but sometimes difficult to navigate topic.  After exploding the myth that only men get to have cocks, we'll talk about the practicalities and people's personal experiences of strap-ons and surgery; safer sex and negotiation for genital play.  We'll look at ways of bringing cocks into our scenes and techniques and positions that work in a playspace.  It will be a space where any and all respectful questions are welcome, so if you've ever wondered whether something is ok to ask, say or do, this is where you can find out.  P.S.  Both your presenters will be getting their cocks out as part of the 'show and tell' section.  If any adventurous participants want to bring theirs and join in, they would be more than welcome.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.  People new to this type of play will be inspired and informed to start out safely and everyone will have a space for candid discussion and no-holds-barred questions.  We hope this will promote understanding and appreciation of the different ways people play and even the most dedicated connoisseurs of cock will go away refreshed with ideas for more kinky fuckery.

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Artistic Cutting
This workshop will cover how to make intricate cuttings even if you have little or no artistic talent. Phoenix will discuss the technical aspects of intricate decorative cutting such as: where to find and create detailed designs, what are the considerations needed when choosing a design, what are the transfer materials and equipment needed and where do you obtain them, what are issues about where the design is placed on the body, how do you “shade” areas to create a complex design, what types of handles and blades are used and where do you obtain them, what are the cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention techniques, and what are the tricks of the trade to do intricate cutting. There will be a review of safety requirements for general cutting/blood play.

Participants will also view the video “On The Cutting Edge” which had its debut at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, showing cutting techniques. Participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge, experience, and questions around cutting methods and other design ideas.

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Non-Monogamy: A personal perspective
Through this workshop we will explore with participants the journey we took to non- monogamy and how this works for us. We have been together for nearly twelve years, married for six of those, and have learnt lessons and made mistakes along the way. Together we have come out all the stronger and feel in a position to share our experiences. What we offer here is a place to learn more about non-monogamy and discover whether it is right for you.

We will look at a range of non-monogamous relationships and how these are described by ourselves and others, and hopefully show that no one way is better than another, it is simply a matter of what is best for you. We want to dispel the myth that an “alternative lifestyle” is necessarily complicated and show that with conversation and negotiation we can have our cake and eat it.

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Ageing in SM and in SM communities
About SM: With aging our bodies and lives change. What we find important for ourselves changes. Are there changes in the way you play and in your desires that have to do with age?
About SM communities: The average age in the women's and queer SM communities in western Europe has changed over the years. How do you experience that change? Do you have the feeling the place you have in communities has changed?
There are of course many more questions that have to do with this subject. Let's get together and talk about it. I am curious to hear your stories! I would like to offer a platform where we as people aged 40 and older can come together and talk about it among ourselves. ??.

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